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Design considerations

Lighting rate (lighting coefficient, lighting with the layout)


Because of the different illumination required for each work area, we can choose different products with light transmittance. Our company recommends that the light consumption rate be 8% -30%, and from the roof through the light to the cornice, FRP lighting plate transmittance is generally 40% -85%, for different needs of choice. In the lighting rate of about 10% of the time, the illumination can usually reach more than 100-150lex.

Wind pressure, snow pressure


Different thickness of the lighting board of its mechanical properties are also different, ANLITE can provide 0.8mm to 3.0mm thick series of lighting panels, through the use of different thickness of the lighting board and adjust the roof good spacing can be adapted to different areas of wind pressure or snow pressure The General tolerance, the thickness of 1.5mm of the lighting board can be crossed 1.5m good, resistant to its wind pressure can reach more than 1kpa.

Fire, smoke, to prevent droplets


(1)An economic production and general-purpose lighting panels are flammable (oxygen index of about 21); can occur in the event of fire burning, the formation of exhaust zone, and burning does not produce droplets.

(2)Flame retardant lighting plate its oxygen index is greater than 26, can reach two flame retardant. If the oxygen index is greater than 30, can reach a flame retardant.

(3)Shanghai Fire Department provides more than 4000 square meters of plant, the lighting board acceptance to meet the three indicators:

A. lighting rate & gt; = 8%; B. lighting board to be flammable; C. lighting plate after burning no melting phenomenon.

Corrosion resistance


FRP lighting plate itself has a good corrosion resistance, FRP lighting plate due to its surface in the film, its corrosion resistance can be greatly improved. So in a corrosive environment and not suitable for the use of metal materials factory or building can be used in large areas, high corrosive factories all the roof and wall all use lighting panels.

Color and light


ANLITE can produce a variety of colors with the color plate with color plate.

ANLITE conventional colors for the light blue, sky blue, milky white, protein and colorless five kinds of color panels and color plate with the color of its closest to the natural light and soft light, does not produce dazzling feeling, to avoid The artificial lighting brings color distortion and psychological depression, and helps protect the eyes.






















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