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FRP lighting board strength and steel
  Strength refers to the FRP lighting plate when the force damage, the maximum stress within the object, including Larshen, bending, impact, shear and other strength. That is, prison is not strong problem.
  Steel is the resistance of the FRP lighting board to the deformation of the resistance, so FRP lighting board molding, in some parts of the ribs or ribs in the surface to do with ribs, can improve the steel.
  The Shanghai Fibu Steel Research Institute test Hangzhou An resistant Building Materials Co., Ltd. production of FRP lighting board curing degree, so Hangzhou Anne production of the lighting plate both stiffness and toughness, and not brittle, easy to construction and installation.
FRP lighting board flammability
  Combustion is oxidation, the general situation of the company's production of FRP lighting plate oxygen index 21% is flammable, encountered when the fire is active combustion, the higher the temperature the more easy to burn. So in the event of a fire, the lighting board can quickly burn finished, become a smoke belt, according to the insoluble insoluble soluble fusibility, the company produces FRP lighting panels are thermosetting products, combustion will not produce melt droplets By the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center issued a quality test report), oxygen index 28% for the flame-retardant lighting board, that is, from the fire self-extinguishing, not non-flammable but passive combustion. When it comes to contact with the flame when the temperature rise, thermal decomposition, fire, continuous burning and so on.
Effect of Temperature on the Strength of FRP Lighting Board
  FRP lighting panels and many materials, the same strength with the temperature rise, when the temperature rose to a certain value, the sharp decline in strength. In addition, unlike other materials at low temperatures become brittle, FRP lighting plate low temperature performance is very good, at -70 ℃; hit strength with the temperature drop and rise trend. Therefore FRP lighting panels in the case of -40 ℃ -95 ℃ FRP lighting panels will not be aging, yellowing, cracking or softening. FRP lighting board has a strong translucent, to diffuse injection, eliminating the focus and shadow, soft and uniform light. And PC and glass through the light was direct, so that indoor light is not uniform, resulting in reduced efficiency.
FRP lighting board technical standards
  In strict accordance with national standards GB / T14206-2005
  1、The appearance of smooth, no obvious bubbles or cracks.
  2、And color steel plate with tight, cross-section thickness uniformity, plate and steel plate consistent.
  3、Long-term use without coloring yellow phenomenon.
  4、Roof mounting nail toughness.
  5、Complete specifications, according to different design requirements to choose a different light transmission rate.
  6、Thermal expansion coefficient and steel plate close, not because of thermal expansion and contraction in the nail at the crack and leakage.
  7、Light through the scattered, light and soft.
FRP lighting board handling \ stacking
  一、Handling: When a large number of FRP panels are to be transported or shipped to the roof, use a cloth sling. If the number is small, then each should be a separate handling, while the main to avoid bending deformation.
  二、Stacking: piles of FRP panels should be kept in contact with the ground, stored in a place to avoid direct sunlight, moisture, ventilation conditions. In addition, the bundled FRP lighting board should be bundled in order to avoid being blown away by the wind.
  Apply a protective mask to the FRP board to completely prevent rain and sun exposure
  Storage Note: If the bundles of lighting panels are wet with water, they should be prosecuted and wiped off, and then stored in a way that can promote drying.
FRP lighting board use
  1、Moving, plant greenhouse lighting;
  2、Industrial buildings and civil buildings roof, wall lighting, such as plant lighting belt, hotel hall, gymnasium, swimming pool, parking lot, etc.
  3、FRP board wall lighting applications, greatly reducing the use of aluminum windows construction costs.






















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