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  Hangzhou An resistant Building Materials Co., Ltd. owned an resistant plate industry is a domestic advanced pvc foam board production line, and has a complete pvc foam board detection system, can meet a variety of specifications, different plate requirements of professional manufacturers.

  The main products are PVC foam board, PVC crust foam board, pvc bathroom cabinet plate, snow Fu board, pvc bath cabinet board, sanitary ware board, cabinet board, black white color pvc foam board, the product is environmentally friendly, repeatable It is widely used in furniture, advertising, building materials, decoration and industrial applications, passenger cars, bus, side cabin oxygen tank, ships and so on. It is widely used in furniture, advertising, building materials, decoration and industrial applications. Building decoration and other fields.

  My company operating in good faith as a fundamental, advocating customer service first, product quality first, the purpose of excellence, can not give you the lowest price, can only give you the highest quality! Would rather explain the price for a while, do not want to apologize for the quality of life! We warmly welcome new and old friends to come to my company to negotiate, we will be first - class quality of the price for your dedicated service.

  PVC foam board full name for the Polyvinylchlorid Foam Board, also known as the snow Fu board and Andy board, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin as the main raw material, to chemical additives, micro-foam extrusion production line with A New Type of Chemical Building Materials for Homogeneous Cell Structure. Its density, performance, appearance, texture and natural wood are very close. So also known as "synthetic wood" and "rdquo ;. And waterproof, arson, moth, noise and other properties are significantly better than natural wood.

  Products are widely used in passenger cars, train car roof, box core layer, interior decoration board, building exterior panels, interior decoration board, office, residential, public places building compartment, commercial decoration rack, clean room Plate, ceiling plate, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, display panels, logo board panels and other industries and chemical anti-corrosion works, thermoforming, cold storage board, special cold preservation, environmental protection plate mold, sports equipment, breeding Wood, moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, art materials and a variety of lightweight partitions instead of glass ceiling.
























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